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HITEC HS-225BB Servo Mini Size, HS-225BB

The analog HS-225BB represents a good value with performance that rivals other larger and more expensive servos Ideal for applications that call for a small, lightweight, high speed, high torque servo Features a top ball bearing and is built with state-of-the-art SMT technology

HITEC HSR-1425CR Servo Continuous Rotation, HSR-1425CR

The HSR-1425CR is the continuous rotation version of the HS-425HB The speed is proportional meaning that the further the PWM signal deviates from the idle signal (approximately 1500usec) the faster the servo will rotate If you're looking for the smoothest continuous rotation servo, be sure to check out the HSR-2645CR servo

HITEC HS-805BB Servo Large Size, HS-805BB

Known as the monster servo, the HS-805BB uses a heavy duty nylon gear train and a strong 10mm, 15 tooth output shaft to generate 343 oz./in. of torque that will easily move just about any large plane, car, truck or boat!

HITEC HS-646WP Servo Waterproof, HS-646WP

Hitec's waterproof servos have what it takes to keep your radio control vehicle, airplane or robot watertight! With high torque, dual ball bearings and metal gears, our analog waterproof servos have the industrys first IP67* rating ranking them among the most durable and reliable servos for wet conditions Whether you are manning your power boat, bashing in the mud, directing your underwater robot, or water landing your 25% plane, the HS-646WP will dependably keep your mind at ease

HITEC HS-645MG Servo Standard Size, HS-645MG

The powerful HS-645MG is one of Hitecs most popular servos Its the perfect choice for those larger sport planes or monster trucks and buggies requiring a durable high torque servo Featuring their unique M/P and metal gear train technology Offers one of the strongest gear trains available in any servo

HITEC HS-625MG Servo Standard Size, HS-625MG

The powerful high speed HS-625MG is a perfect choice for those applications requiring a fast and strong standard size servo Utilizing our M/P and metal gear train technology A fantastic sport servo for larger planes and 10th scale sport vehicles

HITEC HS-55 Servo Sub-micro Size, HS-55

The HS-55 set the standard for affordable performance, offering precision components that have been engineered to provide long lasting trouble free service! Featured in a hundred model aircraft reviews worldwide Best choice when it comes to controlling smaller Electrics and Park Flyers

HITEC HS-425BB Servo Standard Size, HS-425BB

The HS-425BB is offered with dual ball bearings, impact resin gears and high performance circuitry As one of Hitec's longest running production servos, it has proven to be a durable and dependable product year after year

HITEC HS-422 Servo Standard Size, HS-422

The HS-422 is one of the most durable and reliable servos Hitec has ever offered With its dual iron-oilite bushings, high impact resin gear train and high performance circuitry Features excellent centering and resolution

HITEC HS-311 Servo Standard Size, HS-311

The HS-311 sport servo provides the novice modeler all the performance and reliability you would expect to find in a more expensive servo Combined with precise resin gears and SMT circuitry

HITEC HSR-2645CR Servo Continuous Rotation, HSR-2645CR

While regular servos that get modified to continuous rotation tend to be difficult to control the speed on, the HSR-2645CR circuit was designed from the factory to drive the servo smoothly and with fine-control over the speed Since the HSR-2645CR servo is digital, it's able to be tuned using a Hitec servo programmer The programmable parameters allow you to tailor the servo to best-fit your application Excellent for compact sliders, winch mechanisms, small panning devices and wheel-drives on robots